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Brian Rattner : Top 10 Website Optimization Tips [SEO]

Proper optimization of websites in key SEO is essential to position your web pages high in the Google SERPs. In certain cases, a good optimization on page SEO is even sufficient to guarantee excellent results from single positioning on Google.

Yeah, but what are the techniques of on page search engine optimization more effective for placement on the search engine? In essence, what are the transactions that give real results when it comes to optimizing websites for Google?

Below, I propose my handbook of activities on page SEO optimization of websites. In my experience, those are the steps that allow you to get high rankings on Google. Follow the advice below certainly increase the visibility of your projects online. Your web pages (or your post) will go up in the SERP search engine. As a result, the  web traffic to your site or your blog will increase in a clear manner.

Tips 1. optimizing title tags

Optimize the title tag is the most powerful factor on page SEO optimization. The title tag should therefore be designed with extreme care. That is, how? The text of the tag can be up to 10 words and should be a meaningful sentence. This sentence should be as clear as possible: must understand very well what is the topic of the page of the website.

The text is also to be the primary keywords for which you are optimizing your web page. But we must avoid at all costs the temptation to keyword stuffing! Fill in the title tag with a list of keywords is in fact detrimental to the positioning!
An important thing. The primary keyword should be inserted in the text of the title tag as soon as possible. This is on account of keyword prominence .

Tips 2. optimizes the H1 tag

The H1 tag is the title of the web page. For its optimization apply many of the things said to the title tag. So: enter the primary keyword as soon as possible. And write an H1 tag clear and make sense. Furthermore, he 'so that his words encourage you to continue reading the web content. After all, this is the task of any title of any document.
As a matter of effective communication, a title should be all on one line. It's not about the web site optimization: a speech is related to the fact that the multi-line titles communicate less effectively.

Tips 3. optimizes the description tag

Here's another tag important for the optimization of websites in key SEO. The description tag should provide an abstract of the contents of the web page. Best limited to 150-160 characters.
again there is the discourse prominence of keywords related to the primary keyword for which you are optimizing your web page.

A proper optimization of the description tag is expected that its text is written using the devices of persuasive copywriting. In fact, this element of the web page is important to attract the click of who runs the Google SERPs.

Tips 4. optimizes the H2 tag

Even the SEO optimization of the H2 tag can help give good results in the rankings on Google. Therefore, as for the three tags described above, it must be inserted in the primary keyword of the web page you are optimizing.
H2 tag is ideal for web content longer. Because it can be summarized in the subtitle of any paragraphs, whose task is to make the page more organized and the content itself more readable.

Contrary to what happens to the title tag and the tag H1, H2 tags can be used more than once optimization of single web page.

Tips 5. optimizes picture quality

The optimization of the websites also goes through a thorough process of search engine optimization of the images contained in their pages.

Optimizing images on the web? First, you have to reduce their weight, so that the loading time of the pages is not seriously affected.

Along with this, you must give the image file a name that also contains the primary keyword of the web page. Then, you have to optimize the attributes alt text and title of the IMG tag. How it works? We need to create two texts that describe the image content. As you can see, these two texts should also include the primary keyword of the web page.
Finally, it is better to insert images in a piece of text very relevant to what the pictures describe. In essence: the text and images should support and reinforce each other.

Tips 6. optimizes video

Even the video you can apply SEO techniques to optimize websites. To optimize a video , you should optimize its file name. Ie it is included in the name of the video also the primary keyword of the web page.

done this, you must customize the properties of the meta data of the video. Even in this case, it comes to enter the keywords for which you want to place on Google.

Tips 7. optimizes the link

A website optimized effectively contains many internal links. The anchor text of these links contain the primary keyword for which it was optimized landing page.

A well optimized site also has external links to quality sites, and relevant to the topics of the website. In fact, link spam sites or not the subject is not a good practice in web site optimization.

Tips 8. optimizes web content

Optimization SEO web content on a site we could talk for a long time. Let's say that the most important thing is to plan quality content for your site or blog.

Contents are then made ​​according to the rules of web writing . Only in this way the web content created reap the greatest interest from visitors and will have the chance of a good ranking on Google.

Tips 9. optimizes URLs

The URLs of the pages of the websites also need to be optimized carefully. URLs should never be too long, because it means that web pages have been sunk in the structure of the site. That is to diminish its importance in the eyes of Google spiders.
Moreover, for an effective web site optimization, page URLs should contain the primary keyword for each individual web page has been optimized.
For example, here is a URL ideal for this my web page: / optimization-web-sites

Here we have a URL must be avoided:

Tips 10. optimizes code

It often tends to underestimate the importance, but the code is a factor of some importance in key SEO optimization of websites.

To be successful in this field, it is to clean up the code of the entire site. To this purpose, for example, necessary to reduce the code parts and eliminate redundant tags that are open but not closed. In short: a clean and correct code is a code more readable by the Google spider.

These are my recommendations for the ' Website optimization in key SEO. Agree with my directions? In your opinion, what other search engine optimization tips you can give? Leave a comment and share with us your secrets on how to make web site optimization!

About Author: Brian Rattner is a New York based attorney with over two decades of experience. He is also a successful sales professional, leveraging his excellent interpersonal, communication, writing and presentation skills to support his clients. Brian Rattner, as an attorney, has outstanding analytical and organizational skills, a high-energy level and an exemplary work ethic.

Brian Rattner - Manage Online Reputation, A Practice SEO

How important is the web reputation ? This is a great deal, especially if your business is focused on personal branding ! Check the reputation of your name or your brand is an activity that should be done consistently, like any other best practice SEO . Having in the first three-four pages of the SERP desired references associated with their name is a significant added value in order to obtain this result below you'll find suggestions and useful tools for this purpose.


Before setting a strategy, you should find out how your current situation. Go to Google (no authentication), and type your name. Turn the pages and classified each link as a reference positive, negative or neutral. You can also operate the same activity with Bing or Yahoo!, but is not necessary.

Prick up their ears

Thanks to the service Google Alerts you can set up email alerts that will warn you when it comes to you on the Web This is a feature very important because it frees you from doing "surveys" deep and manual of the SERP.

Optimize voices "friends"

Among the "positive" results there are pages or profiles that are under your direct control? Try to optimize as much as possible, perhaps by making sure that your brand represents the title of each page.

Linking entries "friends"

Similarly, you can increase the ranking of those results linking to them from other "sources" of your property, especially social as Google Plus , perfect for the purpose.

The Social, the new entries "friends"

The Reputation Management lives by a great buzz generated by various platforms social . You can not therefore esimervi from having at least a complete profile of all major products of the moment ( Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus, LinkedIn ...), and constantly update them.

Start a blog

I have already explained why it is important to have a blog. You can do it on WordPress, Blogger, or a registered domain name with your name. The blog certainly appear on the front page, entering your name, so it is important that it is well cared for.

Get noticed

What are the ways of increasing authority and visibility? The main ones are to write at least one guest-post , possibly on popular blogs, and interviews online. Both (with effort different) are used to build your online credibility, and therefore not disdegnateli concedetene as possible.

About Author: Brian Rattner is a New York based attorney with over two decades of experience. He is also a successful sales professional, leveraging his excellent interpersonal, communication, writing and presentation skills to support his clients. Brian Rattner, as an attorney, has outstanding analytical and organizational skills, a high-energy level and an exemplary work ethic.

Brian Rattner - Seo book 10 Things from Questionable SEO

Questionable in the sense that we are here to discuss precisely and understand if they are to be erased from his memory in style with the Man in Black that little thing "sparaflesciava" (cited above) light or not.

10 SEO Stuff to Discussion

1. Validity of AlexaRank
This is an indicator that measures the traffic developed by Alexa, a subsidiary of Amazon. Especially in the publishing field has a certain importance to address the media centers and collect some 'more advertising dollars.
IMHO SEO side has no validity (if not Google, just ignore it) and is not reliable.
2. The flash sites
Beyond the fact that a web designer right now, I'll discouraged SEO for a site in flash is a pain in the ass. Not that it's impossible to place a lot, but it complicates life.
IMHO it is a thing more than obsolete, also consider that Apple devices can not see flash and half the world has an i-something.
3. The phobia of Page Rank
Did you see how the Page Rank algorithm is the foundation of Google.
IMHO, however, is not everything and it denotes the fact that there are sites with low PR are better positioned than others. In SEO there are 200-odd factors, not just one to consider as fundamental both.
4. Everything is CMS
The Content Management System like WordPress or Joomla are a godsend to build dynamic sites but it is not true that side SEO only count them.
IMHO a good static site could have even more advantages such as speed being more streamlined system for managing content-rich plugin.
5. Content is the king
Do you understand me, in this sense, I am the monarchy. The content is very important if not crucial to a site that is intended for users and not just the mere SEO .
IMHO, however, there are SERP in which there is the crap on the front page. And ok that "we must do it as well us" Content is king, but only if it is well established on the throne.
6. Social is the new SEO
The SEO is no longer needed, now there are social networks!
IMHO optimization on search engines is one thing, the SN are another. We often crosses and these meetings are born good things but because a marriage will only work if you are couple (cited).
7. AdWords affects SEO
You paid a bang in advertisements, will also improve your organic ranking !
IMHO no, here too AdWords is one thing, the SEO another. Maybe we can argue that in certain niches very moneyed if I position it on "loans" with my blog over the N bank that spends money on ads Rosica someone but if I'm annoyed there's always the speech that I have a site built to win AdSense.
8. The EMD will become unnecessary
We keep the brand and not the exact keyword in the domain (exact match domain) as "running shoes" or "pizza restaurants". Google says it for years to promote the brand!
IMHO the mix is important, but there are areas in which the EMD half ago SEO and this can not be ignored.
9. Google hates SEO
Google Inc. is a and I, I are two flies in comparison.
IMHO the SEO is understood by Google on the basis that receives aid in the improvement of the results returned to the user. It 's the bad SEO, that force some factors, which deprecates. And then crushes.
10. It's your word
The tenth SEO question I want to leave you, the last word that closes this section SEO.
I hope it was to your liking, right now I thank you for watching and for all shares, comments and feedback events.
About Author: Brian Rattner is a New York based attorney with over two decades of experience. He is also a successful sales professional, leveraging his excellent interpersonal, communication, writing and presentation skills to support his clients. Brian Rattner, as an attorney, has outstanding analytical and organizational skills, a high-energy level and an exemplary work ethic.