Friday, January 25, 2013

Brian Rattner - Manage Online Reputation, A Practice SEO

How important is the web reputation ? This is a great deal, especially if your business is focused on personal branding ! Check the reputation of your name or your brand is an activity that should be done consistently, like any other best practice SEO . Having in the first three-four pages of the SERP desired references associated with their name is a significant added value in order to obtain this result below you'll find suggestions and useful tools for this purpose.


Before setting a strategy, you should find out how your current situation. Go to Google (no authentication), and type your name. Turn the pages and classified each link as a reference positive, negative or neutral. You can also operate the same activity with Bing or Yahoo!, but is not necessary.

Prick up their ears

Thanks to the service Google Alerts you can set up email alerts that will warn you when it comes to you on the Web This is a feature very important because it frees you from doing "surveys" deep and manual of the SERP.

Optimize voices "friends"

Among the "positive" results there are pages or profiles that are under your direct control? Try to optimize as much as possible, perhaps by making sure that your brand represents the title of each page.

Linking entries "friends"

Similarly, you can increase the ranking of those results linking to them from other "sources" of your property, especially social as Google Plus , perfect for the purpose.

The Social, the new entries "friends"

The Reputation Management lives by a great buzz generated by various platforms social . You can not therefore esimervi from having at least a complete profile of all major products of the moment ( Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus, LinkedIn ...), and constantly update them.

Start a blog

I have already explained why it is important to have a blog. You can do it on WordPress, Blogger, or a registered domain name with your name. The blog certainly appear on the front page, entering your name, so it is important that it is well cared for.

Get noticed

What are the ways of increasing authority and visibility? The main ones are to write at least one guest-post , possibly on popular blogs, and interviews online. Both (with effort different) are used to build your online credibility, and therefore not disdegnateli concedetene as possible.

About Author: Brian Rattner is a New York based attorney with over two decades of experience. He is also a successful sales professional, leveraging his excellent interpersonal, communication, writing and presentation skills to support his clients. Brian Rattner, as an attorney, has outstanding analytical and organizational skills, a high-energy level and an exemplary work ethic.


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