Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reduce Website Bounce Rate in Three Easy Steps

Bounce rate of a website is a matter of concern to all website owners. Before you learn how to reduce bounce rate of your website, it is important to know first, what is bounce rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of online visitors that come to your site but, do not stay for long and leave your site in less than thirty seconds.  In other words, bounce rate refers to number of people who arrive at your website, but bounce to other sites in quick seconds.  A bounce rate of a website is tracked by Google Analytics. This tool can show you bounce rate of your website on different pages. 

For a steady growth of your online business, it is important to minimize bounce rate of your website. As the competition in the market is picking-up, companies and online businesses have become really serious about their web presence. They do not want to take any chance with their profitability and sales of businesses.  It is really important for a website owner that he selects reliable and reputed web Design Company. You also need to check with its Web Designers Prices and their qualifications. Web Design Prices UK has affordable rates of web designers and provides an excellent web design which also reduces your bounce rates. 

High bounce rate is fatal for online businesses. It is very crucial for your business development that your online visitors should stay at your web page for a good time.  Therefore, web design companies should make sure to keep in mind all essential tips that help in reducing website bounce rate.  Given below are three useful steps that contribute in reducing bouncing of your website:

Choose the Right Keywords: You need to be careful when selecting keywords for your website. Selection of right keywords is very crucial for the success of your website; with right keywords page ranking of your website improves and it receives good volume of web traffic. 

Have Good Quality Content: Content is one of the most important features a website has. Therefore, do not compromise with the quality of the content of your site. You should only write important and relevant information along with right keywords. A flawless content attracts a good volume of web traffic and keeps visitors engaged for long.  Make sure content is original and interesting to read. 

Have a Fast Loading Website: Websites which take lot of time to load are simply turned down by visitors; they leave such sites in a jiffy. Therefore, you need to assure that your website takes minimum time to download and minimize bounce rate of your site. 

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  1. websites should be such that they can be loaded easily so that visitors can access it easily
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  2. More loading time is the main reason to increase the bounce rate value.Because people did not wait to see the website which having high loading time.
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