Friday, July 1, 2011

Web Design- Three Most Common Mistakes

Websites play crucial part in the growth and online success of your business. They are like front-face of your business.  A nicely designed website promotes your business all over the internet and establishes online presence of your business.  It is a common sight to find a myriad of web design services in the market.  Hiring a good web design service is very important if you want succeed in this competitive market and outdo your competitors. 

Designing a website is a simple process but, web designers often commit some common mistakes in web design which are quite evident on the internet. You should remember for a stupendous expansion of business, you should avoid these common mistakes.  There are three most common mistakes in web design-

Overuse of Graphics
Using excessive graphics on your site is not a good idea because they will download web pages slowly. This really irritates visitors on your site and most of them shun your site. It is seen some web designers stuff their websites with heavy graphics in order to make them appealing but, it does not happen what they have expected. Instead, they end up losing visitors on their websites.  Therefore, keep your website light by avoiding excessive graphics. You should also avoid use of heavy banners, since they also take lot of time in loading.

Bad Color Choice
Some web designers are amateurs or novice and have no idea about the selection of colors for a website. The role of colors cannot be denied in making your site popular and attractive. Due to the lack of knowledge about colors and their effects, most of the web designers make a poor choice of colors on their sites which turns out to be a disappointment. You need to make sure that your website has a right combination of colors to please visitors. In addition to it, use of bad images is a common web design mistake.  Web designers fail to find quality images for the home page of the site and put up irrelevant pictures which convey no message visitors.

Poor Quality Content
Poor quality content can turn away all your visitors despite of making an eye-candy website. Content is one of the most important features of websites since it provides information about the company, its products and services. It is really important that the content of the website should be unique, informative and there should not be any room for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. 

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  2. Those are the really common mistakes of a website designer and should be avoided if possible.

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