Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Easy Web Design Tips that Will Increase ROI

It is unarguable how important are websites for online businesses at current market conditions. Besides, establishing an online presence of your business, websites market your products and services as well.  There is no limit of Web Design Companies in the market but, finding a professional and reliable company is certainly difficult among so many.  Web Design Company London is one such recommended and reliable web design company that designs websites for various business houses and firms.  Web Design UK has won the trust of its clients by offering excellent web designs, timely delivery at very affordable prices.

Internet has spread its manifold all over and people find it the best medium for obtaining information and for online shopping. That is why, it is so important to design your websites nicely so that they yields lucrative results and increase ROI of the business. ROI or return on investment is an important factor to decide its growth and measure profit of a business. A good ROI indicates positive growth for a business and vice versa.  A successful website contributes a lot in ROI of a business therefore, given below are some easy web design tips that help you achieve higher ROI.
  •  Your web design should be fast loading, if you want to retain visitors on your website and increase visibility.  Despite of making a fanciful website, it will all go futile if your website takes a long time to load.  Visitors are likely to shun from such online portals which take unnecessary time to upload. Your website should not take more than 15 seconds to load and it optimization is also essential for its visibility.
  • A clear navigation is an important web design tip.  You need to make sure all your important links are placed at right places. You can link as many pages of your website and make your information accessible from all parts of the site.  A clear navigational path contributes immensely on ROI of the business.  Moreover, you need to assure that your website is cross browser compatible. People should be able to access it from any browser like –Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Mozilla etc.
  • Do not fill your website with too much of images rather keep it simple and neat. Cluttering your web pages with heavy images results in slow loading which frustrates your visitors. In place of that you can use tables and catchy icons that will lure number visitors on your site.    
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