Monday, June 13, 2011

Understanding Differences between Architecture and Web Design

Web design is related to the virtual designing method to make a website look attractive whereas architecture is a physical method of designing buildings along with all its dimensions. However, both the concepts are related to designing only and both are meant to make their respective field look better but there is a difference between these both. In this article we are going to put some light on some of the basic differences between architecture and web design:

NATURE: The characteristics of web design deals with the functionality and features which enables a website to work effectively whereas the architecture deals with the vicinity and construction of physical materials. 

TIME PERIOD: As such there is no limit for the time period in web design; it depends on the market trend and the user’s preference. It may change within a week or can stay for years until and unless you wish to make changes into it, in other words, the time period for a web design may be flexible depending upon the market trends. Architecture takes longer time to be implemented on some building.

ENDURANCE: In terms of stability architecture is more stable when compared to web design as a building may last for years and even century but web design, depending on the technological aspects can no longer be so stable and has to be changed accordingly.

ASKING PRICE: This is another major difference between these two types of design.  A web design is much cheaper than the architectural design. The maximum limit of web design can’t exceed thousands of dollars whereas the maximum limit of architecture can go up to millions of dollars. Therefore, in terms of pricing, architecture is much costly than a web design. 

CONSISTENCY IN SPACE:  In architecture there is much space to provide in a building. You can use the interiors as well as exteriors also to enhance transitional coverage whereas in web designing, the spacing is limited as it has to work on servers which can provide only limited space on the Internet. 

ALTERATIONS:  If there is some mistake in the architectural design and you wish to change it, then it may cost you too much and moreover, proves a lengthy function to perform. In web designing, if there are some changes to be made, these can be made easily and that too without consuming much time and money. 

The differences may not finish but the most deciding factors have been discussed above. The criteria and the requirement of both these design types vary a lot and these make the differences between these two designing professions. 

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