Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tips for a Great Web Page Layout

Consider yourself as a visitor and search for a site, what all things are there which makes you land on a particular site? You must have got the answer till now, the first thing is the layout of the page and the second is the content written on it. What content does is to keep that visitor on your site but it is the page layout of your website which makes a visitor land on your site. Therefore it is very necessary to have an effective and soothing web page layout for your website.

BACKGROUND COLOR:  If the background color of your homepage doesn’t matches with the content written on it then you are in a great trouble. As the online visitors don’t take a single second to go on another site, therefore, it is imperative for you to set a pleasant color which not only matches the content of your page but also pleases the visitor.

PLACEMENT OF CONTENT: Just putting a quality content on your web page is not enough, how well your content placed on your web page also plays an important role in deciding whether the visitor will read it or not? Centered content makes it boring for visitors to reads and they turn another website. Therefore, try to organize your content in such a manner so that the visitor is easily able to read it.

FONT SIZE: The size of your content’s font also plays a crucial role in making your web page an effective one. The size of the font might seem O.K to you but it may happen that your visitors use different browsers and the font may get altered to them. Try to use standard font size instead of doing much experiment in them.

USE THE SPACE WISELY: Always be specific regarding the space utilization. Most of the web designers try to use as many images and graphics as possible in order to fill the white space in their web page. It should be noted that instead of filling unnecessary images in your web page, it better to use multiple columns. Avoid using too many pop-ups and advertisements on your homepage, all these things do nothing but annoy the visitor. 

USE CUSTOMIZED TEMPLATE: Customized templates help you to put effective content on your web page and enhances the credibility of it. You can make good use of your page through these customized templates as they provide you with the latest features which are required to add or delete any image or icon from your web page.

Consider these golden rules and you will master the art of effectively using your web pages. 

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  1. Not having the right color and font combination will easily make your reader disregard your site. Sometimes, it's still on how you present it. A quality information with poor presentation is a thumbs down.

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