Sunday, June 26, 2011

How to Host Multiple Websites in 1 Window Web Hosting Plan

If you have hosting plan which allows you for more than one site in your package, then here is something very interesting for you. If your web host has provided you with an option of add-ons in your package, then you can more than one site on the same server which your website is already sharing. But remember that; too many cooks spoil the dish. Therefore with a mere objective that you have add-ons domain in your package doesn’t mean that you are bound to run another site on the same server. It is for those who want to enhance their web presence and make serious money out of it. If you have Windows web hosting plan and among one of them, then here is something knowledgeable for you:

LINK ALL YOUR SITES USING ONE SINGLE ACCOUNT: If your concern is updating your posts, managing your comments and maintaining all the safety measures of your website, then you can handle all these issues using single interface and password. It makes things simpler and saves you time as well as money also.

INCREASED NUMBER OF SITES: Using the Windows server hosting plan, you can operate up to 5 to 10 domains which mean 5 to 10 websites. Make sure that the bandwidth required by these additional sites must not exceed the previous one. These sites will function only when the bandwidth of all these additional sites will be same.

UNAVOIDABILITY: When start working with your hosting plan; you may come up with different troubles and comments which need to be solved. You can use the 24 hour customer support service in handling all these distress.

SOFTWARE INFRASTRUCTURE: You must pay attention to the software infrastructure which your service provider has provided to you for maintaining the overall security of your site. To avoid any trouble, it is better to make a contract with your hosting provider who keeps updated with all the tools and technologies.

EASY UPGRADATION OF PLANS: You can easily upgrade your present plan on which you are running your website. For this you need to determine the amount of web space available with you and how many site do you want to run on the same server. The bandwidth and all other important factors must be kept in mind before doing so.

Therefore, hosting various sites on a single Windows hosting server can add to your business benefits and enhance your web presence with a greater degree of sustainability in your websites.

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