Monday, July 4, 2011

Simple Web Design Tips for Newbie

If you have recently started your career as web designer or are planning to start as web designer then one thing which must remember always is that you have to creative and technically sound as well to give best designs to the online industry. However, there are many technical and basic rules which should be followed by web designers. Designing needs a lot of patience, farsightedness and endurance to come up with an effective Web Design. It is the Web Design which sets the future of your online business; therefore, you have to be very careful and attentive to start with this work. Let’s discuss some simple web design tips one by one:

Get used to web editor: As there are many online editors available on the Internet but the main idea should be to work on them and gather information regarding the usage of its various features. Using different web editors will definitely enhance your designing skills as it provides you with complete designing tools and software.

Be consistent with colors: Using different types of colors for each and every web page can confuse your visitor whether he is on the same site or not? Using too many graphics with bright colors in order to attract visitors may spoil the complete game. It is advisable to use descent colors which suit your website.

Use updated software and CMS: By visiting the sites of various designers, you can find out which software has captured the market and what will you get out of it if you use it. HTML/CSS and Wordpress as CMS can provide you with some of the most flavored options to use in your designing.

Provide smooth links: All your designing will be useless if you have provided your website with unnecessary or broken links. This is something which annoys the visitors. Therefore, try to provide clean and proper links on each page so as to make navigation easy for your visitors.

Avoid pop ups and too many adds: Too many advertisements on a website creates a bad impression on the visitor and doing so diverts his attention from your site. Lots of pop ups can also kill your Web Designing as these are not liked by the visitors now.

Don’t use hefty graphics and videos: Use of heavy graphics and too many videos on the homepage of your website may make it slow as most of the search engines are not able to search your site if it contains too many heavy graphics or videos.

If you want, there are several online courses also available on the Internet. So if you want to get into the details of each and every aspect of designing, consider all these basic points and then if you need, can go for extra online courses.

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