Friday, May 6, 2011

Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

Linux web hosting is the most popular form of hosting that is available in the market presently. It offers various benefits to online business as compared to windows hosting that is another popular hosting medium. Linux hosting is very much reliable, secure and durable than any other unlike windows. 

If we look at Linux and windows as two individual hosting they both have their own benefits but you must make sure that you choose the one that is beneficial for you and your website. but there is a huge reason why Linux is counting high on the charts. Let us try to know why by looking at benefits that Linux web hosting India provides:
  1. Linux is open source software and does not need huge licensing payments that one has to pay for other hosting so it is free. In addition, due to this quality Linux web hosting is extremely endearing to use. It is easy to download and the website owner can add to customize codes for enhancing software functionalities and capabilities.
  2. Linux can be easily convert into window based website without any troubles but vice verse is impossible. The Linux users can benefit from this as they can easily upload their files directly to their windows website without making any changes. This can help users further if they wish to have more number of websites.
  3. Linux is highly affordable form of web hosting as compared to windows it is an open source platform. No hosting surcharges are there and no extra cost for downloading it on server.
  4. Linux web hosting offers compatibility with database without going for any additional plug-ins. There is a variety of database system to choose from such as MySQL, PostgreSQL. These systems are secure and with Linux, it becomes convenient to enough to communicate between website and database.  
  5. It is also the most stable and secure than its peer is that windows is. Linux is popular enough and being open source it is more economical, secure, reliable, and stable than any other web hosting server present in the market.
Linux web hosting is very much prefer by web developers all over the globe the simple reason being it is open source and has less restrictions they can use the features of this platform at their comfort level. To get the best web hosting services you must go for web hosting India.


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  3. The biggest advantage Linux has over the competition is without a doubt it’s price. Linux and many of its components fall in the category of open source applications. Lower overhead from the top allows savings to trickle down to subscribers of Linux web hosting.

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