Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some Cool Tips for Web Designers

Being web designers, you need to be careful that whatever you design should be appropriate according to customer needs and quality product.
  1. Accuracy: top web designers Delhi emphasize the importance of accuracy to make a website user friendly. Websites should be self-explanatory for the users and simple in terms of content and navigation. Clean layouts and well organized structure with appropriate links and content. If a visitor is unable to access what they are looking for on your site, they will not waste their time on the website.
  2. Crispness: websites that deal in online selling should offer a tool or service typically require visitors to fill out a form. Web designers are recommending keeping the form short and to the point. To fill out information that is too much will make your visitors to leave the site and not complete their order process. Even if you have, lengthy information to ask, try to break it into steps that will make it easier. As web users have convenience and speed so for them, time-consuming process can be self-defeating.
  3. Security: to increase business potential a web designer must not need to know the personal information of a visitor in order to try a service. This may deter users to try introductory services that they might later be willing to pay for. Letting users explore the services that you are offering is sign of a professional designer. Once the user decides that they like the services they will be willing to provide personal information.
  4. Readability: high quality and useful content is essential for any website as it increase the usability of a website and make it search engine friendly. The content should not be lengthy so that it gets easy for the visitors to scan through and get the desired content they were looking for. Images, caption bullet points and heading are signs of a good content, as it gets easy to read no one wants to read long paragraphs. Remember content is essential as irrelevant content can push away your customers.
  5. Simplicity: a simple web design layout is the key to a good website. Minimal stuff like images, videos, audios, pop ups etc. should be use on the website as this may frustrate your customer. Also sometimes if a website is heavy then it might hang the visitors computer this can be very bad for the company’s image. Use of hierarchical structure to give a sense of visual peace to your visitor is sensible. Consistency should be maintained in terms of colors, font and link the pages properly.
In the end, a web designer needs to know all this properly so that they can give good quality results. A cheap web design India can be appropriate for small business owners so that they can get a website design in limited budget. 

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