Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things to Consider When Designing a Good Website

While you plan to design a website for your company, you must keep in consideration certain things in order to get a good website. 

Let us look at some practical tips to get a professional looking website.
1.       Be consistent with your color scheme: Depending on your company select the colors that you will use on your website and stick to them. Try to use web safe colors so that you do not face much troubles if you are new to all this. White is one colors that is safe if you are developing a professional website. Also, make sure your colors are according to your target audience if your target audience is corporate use very subtle colors, if its youth then use bright and nice colors that attract them.
2.       Make use of readymade designs: If you are having a tight budget and cannot afford to get a website design from scratch then you must go for readymade designs so that you save money as well as time. These designs will help you to alter layouts that are ready for various categories of industries so you choose the one that suits you and the designer will alter it according to your company essentials. If you want to get online presence as early as possible then make sure that you get website designing India who can provide you best web services.
3.       Ensure that your navigation system is user friendly: One of the major issues a website faces is that they have either a bad navigation system or a complex one. You must ensure that your visitors are able to find whatever they are looking for on your website. You must design a navigation menu that is easy to surf with no complexities. It should be clearly placed on the web page so that people can find it easily. Avoid putting your navigation menu at the bottom of website as for those visitors would need to scroll down and this gives a wrong impression.
4.       Backgrounds: Make sure that the background you use for your web page should be subtle so that it gets easier to read the content present on the page as well as look at the other elements clearly. Try not making use of textured background as they make it very difficult to read anything or view things clearly on the page plain backgrounds are the best for any website.
5.       External Links: If you are including external links to your website then ensure that they open in a new window and not in the same window where your website is open. This way the visitors can come back to your website looking for more once they are finished browsing the external link. 

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