Monday, May 23, 2011

Important Rules for Business Website Design

While you think about your business website design you must pay a lot of attention towards each detail to assure that it performs well and serves the purpose of website. A web design company Delhi will prove to be of great help in designing for business website. 

List below are some crucial rules to consider so that you can be sure that your website performs up to the mark.
  1. Splash pages avoid them: Making use of splash pages thinking that you would get attention will not serve you any kind of benefit. Normally you might see some pretty images like welcome or click here to enter. However, they are just like pretty decoration pieces that have no real purpose. Do not give any reason to your visitor to click on the back button. Avoid making use of such things that will not be valuable.
  2. Avoid use of banners: It has been notice that banners might distract visitors to a website; modern visitors are accomplishing at not noticing the content that the banners contain. Unless your business plans is promoting the last thing you will want to do is direct your visitor’s attention away from your content.
  3. Do not have a complex navigation: your navigation menu should be what web users are familiar with and not something they have not use before. As they are impatient, people and do not have time to experiment with new things. Make it evident that your links to other pages are just like a directional signpost on a highway. If you insist upon an animated, dynamic menu or multiple dropdowns also provide a tradition, text based static menu in one of the menu locations such as along the left panel of the site. Besides, the static menu will also help towards the search engine optimization efforts.
  4. A clear site map: if your web site is well design, user will easily flow from one page to another. However, while surfing through your website the visitor may feel the urge to move back to a previously visited page to read attractive information for that you need to make it clear on what page is your user present and where he wants to go. Making use of a good site map will help in the same.
  5. Avoid making use of audio: if your visitor wants to stay a long time at your web site, reading the content, you will want to make sure that they do not get annoyed by any sound on your website. In addition, if you want to put any then you must give them volume control and stop or pause button.
If you want a good business website design then you must contact website designing India. There are many website designing companies that give best web design services for giving you a business web site design that will stand out in the competition. But be very careful while hiring a web design company India.


  1. Thanks for these tips.. This article will help many in their website design development process.

  2. you think about your business website design you must pay a lot of attention towards each detail to assure that it performs well and serves the purpose of website.
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  3. An awesome sharing.Thanks for it.When it comes to your business web site,you should pay attention to every detail.You need to consider these rules when designing a business website that accurately reflects your company's products and the interests of your visitors long enough to become paying customers.