Friday, May 20, 2011

Three Specific Rules to e-commerce Design

For achieving purpose of a website, need a lot of practicality and creativity in the designs. Many websites that have shopping facility requires a lot of planning and expertise that is innovative and unique in designing field. As designers, there are rules and techniques pre-defined and they know what to do. We know that visual elements can attract users to a particular area on the web page.  Ecommerce Website Development is unique from any other website as there are specific rules for ecommerce website designs.

An ecommerce website needs to be simple as the more things are present the more it will look untidy and distract the visitors. Think, almost fifty percent of people standing in the line at a mart to purchase suddenly due to a lot of distraction or some reason they plan to leave their shopping cart full of goodies and move out. Some research suggests that many web users leave a web site at a point of checking out for reasons unimaginable. The fact is that for an ecommerce website a designer need to eliminate all sorts of distractions from the web page.  Having just one or two relevant things is enough clustering the page will only cause more and more distraction for the visitors. Display only the most essential information and allow for only a few choices at the time of check out. Never try to show animations or any moving element that might make someone want to leave your web site immediately as it frustrates many people and slows down the loading time as well.

2.Make use of professionals:

Unfavorably, if you will try to design on your own you will not be able to get the things right. Unless you are working with a development team right there to make suggestions, you are likely to get a response like the one we can do it once you give your designs to the developers. If you are using a pre-built cart like Volusion or cart software, there are many limitations to the layouts and problems of template customization. If you are a part of an experienced development team then you will have no problems as they can direct you while you are designing for the client. The end part is that one shall remember that the directions need to be mindful for ecommerce website restrictions.

3.Test your website:

Sometimes many people agonize over every designing element like the layout, color scheme, and font before handling the work over to the developers. This process makes sense but your web users will always surprise you. You might think that you have put large buttons on your web page that are impossible to miss and will help convert your visitors into buyers. You are wrong here. Therefore, while in designing process you must spend time on one element or move onto the next. A/B testing is always a best option once you web site is live and ready to use so that you find out which button is performing better and which one should you remove.

Jack Sam White is a vastly experienced writer. He often writes about Ecommerce Website Development India.

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