Thursday, April 21, 2011

Difference between Windows and Linux Web Hosting

Linux and windows are two very popular web-hosting servers used by almost all these day. Technically, if we see there is little difference in the performance but they use different technologies and software. When it comes to choose between the two operating systems there are many discussions in the web-hosting world. 

In order to make the right decision be careful consideration should be taken. When it comes to getting an affordable hosting one can say Linux web hosting India is the best option available whereas windows is costly due to its proprietary nature. 

Let us discuss this in a little more detail to make it easier for other to understand:
  1. The first major difference is the cost that is the basic concern if most website owners. Windows is much more costly than Linux hosting. However, this is not exactly right as in dedicated server hosting the price offered are generally the same, it is the hardware difference that makes the price almost similar. Windows server is high in cost as Microsoft owns and develops windows operating system on the contrary Linux is open source software and it is generally free of cost. Windows use more resources so you have to pay more for windows in shared software.
  2. Windows hosting allows you to host any kind of application on the same server. You can use an ASP .net application backed up with an Ms-SQL database behind it and with that host a PHP blog with MySQL database. In case of Linux many of the most popular applications used in web development are also open source such as PHP, MySQL and Python and they generally run well on a Linux machine.
  3. Despite being the more expensive option, many users are choosing windows for its familiar interface and compatibility with other Microsoft products. If your site is going to use ASP or .Net then Windows server is the only way to go. Linux on the other hand is a reliable and efficient OS for server and viewed as a stable and reliable system.
  4. Linux platform is considered much more secure than windows due to being a popular operating system that hackers generally favor. However, in case your website requires windows OS do not hesitate to use it.
Both of them are becoming more advance and convenient to use with that they are becoming more specialized in how they can be used in the most effective and efficient manner. 

The major things that need to be considered while choosing one is that what purpose are they being used. If you are planning a simple website then Linux is the best option and vice versa is the case for windows. Many people were hesitant in the past for using open source OS as they thought that it would not give them full support but not the users can easily find help and support required by them all thanks to Linux developers. The best hosting services in India provide both Linux and windows depending on the user’s needs. 

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