Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using Colors on a Website - What are the Web Safe Colors

Colors are the most essential element of web page design as they can attract or distract your customers. Colors have many effects on people and they can also reflect the image of your company to the visitors and can affect the company’s brand

People associate colors with specific moods and research says that different colors can make people happy, sad, relax, excite, scare or annoy them. Anything that can evoke a response in people needs to be considering carefully when designing a website for your company.

A palette of 216 colors is least somewhat predictable across the various hardware and software platforms called the web safe colors. These colors are globally recognized by all browsers  and system. However, it depends in the resolution of the computer as well to display the colors in their true form. Web safe colors are chosen so that the true colors are displayed on the monitors when a website is load they are compatible with all screen resolutions.
While designing website the use of colors with the hex codes are better than typing names as the newer version of Internet Explorer and Firefox are more consistent with each other. If you want consistency in your web pages then you must use web safe colors. 

Color scheme is composed in three ways single color, complimentary colors or contrasting colors. 

Single colors: use of several shades and intensities of single color on white background is single color scheme. Likewise, you use a green color scheme you can use everything from light green to dark green. 

Complementary colors: use of two or more colors that complement each other and create a pleasant look and feel of your web page that is appealing to people. One color amongst the others may be dominant and the other would just complement it. 

Contrasting colors: use two or more dominant colors to create an eye-catching effect. Like using a dark color as background, a deep color around a plane background, text area with black text is a typical contracting color scheme. 

Web designers need to carefully use contrasting colors, as some combinations tend to pinch the eyes of the visitors. 

When it comes to designing website one must choose colors as carefully as they choose content and graphics. The overall appearance of your website will determine the impression that you will portray of your company on your customers.  

While you hire Web Design Company, make sure that they provide you with all web design service so that no stone should be left unturned. 

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