Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Basic Usability Tips for Small Business Websites

Internet has become a powerful medium of advertising and promotion for all small businesses and designing a website is important to attract viewers and convert them into paying customers. These days building, a small business website is an essential thing for an entrepreneur for attracting customers and not just a matter. You can no longer upload a website and expect customers to come to your website without you making efforts. 
Your small business website design is your company’s image and the first thing that the client would see for getting your contact details like phone number or address they will measure the quality of your business by quality of your website. The conversation between manufacturers and buyers that use to take place over the phone are conduct through the content on manufacturer’s website. Website usability is one major factor that is required by small businesses for their web designing. Usability depends on how easily a user can use your website if he can then he would use your website completely but if not then you need to improve your website usability.
Based on certain reasons let us go through some website usability tips to help design your website:
  • You should be familiar with your target audience based on their preferences you need a website that has a charm as well as content quality should be great according to their taste. Your website should look professional so that your visitors get a good impression of your company.
  • A simple interface is very much essential. The more user-friendly interface is the more visitors will like it otherwise the user will get frustrate in complexity of your interface and will move away. They should be concentrating on your sites content as that important for your visitors.   
  • An easy to read website is the best and is use more by customers. The text that you publish on your website should not be very lengthy. It should be broken down into bullets and small paragraphs. As visitors like to scan through content and if the content is lengthy, they do not have patience to read it.
  • Putting many things on your website can slow down the loading speed. Overdoing things can cause troubles, as we know that visitors are impatient and they hate to wait.
  • Avoid complex and hidden navigation. The navigation menu should always be easy to use so that visitor can navigate through your website easily and get relevant information that they were looking for.
  • Customer support page is the most essential one as it can help your visitors to contact you whenever possible through email.
Small business web designers can help design a website professionally and increase its usability in the online market. This will help your small business grow and gain profits.  

SiteSpices is a web design company which offer interactive web designs in affordable prices. We offer custom web design service for small businesses and give them options to choose plan that fits with their requirement.


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