Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top 10 Essential skills required for an effective web design

For an effective web design, one needs to be careful about many things than can help make an attractive web design. The appearance of a website has a very important role in website publication. Any good web development services India can design a website, which is appealing to the customers, and the content should be proper so that the customer gets the information that they require. Website development is a time consuming task that is why it needs special skills.

Going through ten skills that are required for an effective web design can be helpful they are as mention below:   
  1. Having basic knowledge of java and Ajax can help develop website and put in effective wordings on the web pages get success. This is writing and editorial skill, which a good web designer requires.
  2. Foresight is a skill that every developer should have so that, they can look at a problem from different angles at one time. This enables them to find a solution for all requirements, goals and risk factors.  
  3. They should be good listeners as listening skill is important to understand the client’s requirements. If a designer would not be open to ideas from the clients then he would not be able to deliver results expect by them. So it is vital for a developer or designer to listen to their clients very carefully and be open to their ideas to get the best results.
  4. The layout of a website has to be great so a developer should have great graphic design skills as well or the company should have good graphic designers so that they can give the best website layouts that are effective.
  5. They should be well aware of the new trends, techniques and constraints every time they work on any website. The designers should have improved skills and knowledge to give best results and excel in their field.
  6. They should have SEO skills, as they are extremely essential for any website. If a website is not search engine friendly it will not be able to get traffic as most of the search engines would not be able to understand the format and display such websites. This can be a negative point for them.
  7. A website should have attractive enough to get visitors. The developer should have such skills to design creative and unique websites.  They should know how to properly utilize flash or vector graphics on the website.
  8. Designers must have skills and knowledge about XHTML/HTML and CSS, as they are efficient in web page production. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential as cutting edge websites can be design only when the designer has knowledge for the same.
  9. They should also be aware and should know how business worked so that you will be able to take decisions when faced with business choices, in addition, some knowledge of project management is necessary to able to manage them properly.  
  10. Most of the designers try to type but that is a slower process so they should know how to use PHP etc., as they are hand coded and faster rather than typing the entire code themselves.
To get the best web application development India you must ensure that the company you choose should have all the above mention skills. 

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