Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Small Business Owners Prefer to Use Linux Web Hosting?

There are two operating system that are most popular and above the others- Linux and windows. Small business generally have limited budget so they always look for affordable web hosting services. Linux web hosting India is a flexible, open source system that can be use by small business owners and even large corporations. Several advantages to the Linux operating system make it especially ideal for small business. 

You need to be aware of certain reasons that will make you understand why Linux is a better option in out of all the other web-hosting servers for small business. 

Affordability is one major reason as Linux is an open source software all distribution are completely free of cost. Web hosting provider does not have to pay for a license of the operating system they are able to pass the savings on their customers. Linux is therefore cheaper than windows web hosting and is therefore more preferred from the perspective of a small business owner having limited budget. Linux can be fixed and improvements can be made without any input or updates from software manufacturer. 

Reliability is second factor that makes Linux a preferred choice by many businesses. Reliability is an extremely important aspect of web-hosting plan for a small business owner as a little downtime can result in loss of traffic and potential sales for the day. The reliability of Linux operating system originates from the fact that it is support by any internet technology specialist with skills needed to do so. It has been statistically proven that Linux operating system provides more server uptime than the windows operating system under similar conditions. Linux is much more flexible, offering greater compatibility with virtualization software that will allow you to install windows operating system along with Linux to use different range of software and eliminate compatibility issues. Thus, if you have Linux web-hosting plan you can even use windows at the same time.   

The Linux operating system is compatible with the most popular programming languages like PHP, MySQL etc. these languages are in found in many web applications that include nearly every type of content management system. Small businesses owners need to use web application to simplify their business management task and improve productivity. Whereas in windows operating system compatibility with applications is a major issue as it is compatible with Microsoft based programming language like ASP that are usually not required by small business owners. They are generally required by large organizations that have huge amount of database and email communication requirements. 

Hence, while thinking of getting a web hosting service India always look for a hosting provide who can provide you hosting according to your website and business requirements. 

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  1. The Linux operating system is compatible with the most popular programming languages like PHP, MySQL etc. these languages are in found in many web applications that include nearly every type of content management system. Your Blog information is so Good.

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