Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Choose Search Engine Friendly Website Design

So you care about search engines! Some of the webmasters, usually the big brands, build their websites just to showcase their creativity – they do not think whether search engines can crawl the website or not. But if you want to become successful on the internet and want to get traffic from various search engines, you will need to make your website search engine friendly.

First thing you have to do is look for a Web Design Company in India. There are many companies that offer Web Designing Delhi. Talk to them, get quotes and select the best company to get a search engine friendly website ready for your business.

You have to let your web designer know that you are looking for a search engine friendly website. The designer will stay in touch with search engine optimizers so that the structure of the website looks good and search engine friendly as well.

There are several things that the designer will keep in mind while developing the website. Website Design India is quite popular these days. Many creative and skilled designers are there, you can get high quality websites at affordable rates.

The first thing that is to be kept in mind is that Flash content is not yet search engine friendly. Though search engines claim that they can read Flash, but when it comes to compete on the internet and you have to make your website visible, it is recommended to have the website built in HTML. Competent web design company in India would always help you create websites in HTML.

Usability is another thing that is to be considered. If users do not find the website simple and helpful, they will bounce back. This gives a wrong signal to the search engines and they will consider your website not to be helpful and probably push it down while showing search results.

A skilled designer who has been providing web designing in Delhi for many years can analyze users’ requirements and prepare the right layout for your website. While converting the PSD to HTML, they will take care of the factors as mentioned in search engine’s guidelines, such as proper navigation, sitemap, usage of javascript etc. Modern web 2.0 compliant websites are built in <div> not in <table> tags.

A skilled designer would code the website so accurately that it will pass XHTML validation check as well. Finally, you will get a search engine friendly, creative and interactive website for your business.

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