Friday, August 26, 2011

How Backlinks Play a Vital Role in a Successful SEO Strategy

Backlinks play a very vital role for the formulation of a successful SEO strategy. Backlinks are basically links that are from third party’s site coming to you. It is also called inbound links. It is very understandable that why Google ranks sites with excellence in backlinks so highly. Your website should be priceless so that someone else would be keen to link back to your site. If there is no quality backlinks you would never spot your site anywhere close to first page even on search engines.  The first step behind a successful SEO strategy is to gain backlinks. There are SEO Services London available through SEO London companies that help in formulating key strategies for their clients to improve their website ranking.

Links that flow in from trustworthy, keyword applicable source are very critical for a good offsite SEO plan.  Search engines counting Google just don’t grade websites that are founded on the number of inbound links it is having but depend on the superiority of those links. If we evaluate a link expected from a comment from a random blog and an inbound link from Ezine Article, then unquestionably the latter would hold much more weight in the picture where search engine optimization is involved.  If a site that Google trusts advocates your website using a backlink, in that case Google will rank it superior as contrasting to a site that it never believes.

You should understand the procedure of getting quality backlinks and the SEO strategy involved behind it. Article directories are an outstanding way to construct quality backlinks for your website. What actually happens is that these websites swap over the backlinks for the worthy articles you offer them. To make things simpler, let’s use an example.  If you write an article about the process on making candles and then insert a link to your website that is concerned in promotion of materials in making your own candles, then this process would not only ensure that your website is ranked higher by Google but the article itself could get a rank, which means progressive  traffic. There are various top London SEO companies that can give you best ideas on how effectively backlinks play a major role in SEO planning.

You should understand one basic fact, which is when search engine analyzes the importance of a site for a given keyword, they judge the amount of quality inbound links to the site. So getting content just by getting inbound links is not the only issue that should please you, the superiority of the inbound link is what matters most. There are some specific features that makes an inbound link a good backlink, they are:

Good backlinks contain anchor texts, or text which is noticeable in a hyperlink

Presence of resource links

Presence of authority links

Usage of Forum signature linking


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