Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Your Website Needs to be Redesigned

There can be several reasons for opting out to redesign your website. One point that should be well understood is that by the term redesigning, it does not only include or mean graphical redesigning, it could always be addition of basic functionality needed for the up-gradation of site such as SEO changes or addition of fresh content. There are Website Redesign India companies that are dedicated in transmitting client’s image and truly representing the client company’s venture, image and mission.

Before you take the decision of going for website redesign, you also need to look into few aspects, which could prove useful in taking proper and effective decision. You should consider whether the new design would appeal in the same way to your regular visitors and at the same time impress new target audience, the changes that are going to be implemented would help in making the site better or how could restructuring of your website content is going to be affect the rankings in the search engine. If you can successfully answer the above mentioned questions, then you are all set to give your website a brand new look and feel by redesigning, for which you can get professional aid from standard Website Development Company.

It should never happen that redesigning a website results in complete blocking of traffic of search engine. Nor you should discover that after you invest a handsome amount and valuable time into redesigning your site, it is not suiting to the needs and expectations that you had before starting the process. So before you take the plunge, consider all important factors that call for the need of redesigning. You should have the thorough knowledge that what is currently working out for your website and in which aspects, it is turning negative. There are successful and professional Website Designing Delhi companies that offer complete solutions covering areas like web maintenance services, web application development, designing of sites, web hosting etc.

Some golden rules that are advisable to be followed while redesigning your website are:

  • You can conveniently change the look of your site but never the feel
  • Give endorsement for the old site and always use a development environment
  • Avoid losing search engine rankings
  • Some important points that justify the reason why your website needs to be redesigned:
  • Presenting the current market position of your organization
  • Renaming the navigation links and making it more simpler and understandable
  • Optimization of the pictures that are present in your website
  • Upgrading your site with full-service or paid hosting
  • Bounce rate of your website is becoming high

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