Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Which Type of Web Hosting is Best for Your Business?

Websites are one of the most preferred forms of obtaining information and making money online.  It is very important that you select right web host for your website which can ensure you more efficiency and user-friendliness. If you go out on a search of web hosts then you can find many online. Out of them three most popular web hosts are- shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting and VPS hosting india.  These web hosting services help users to upload their websites on the Internet for public and private viewing.  Before suggesting which type of web hosting is best suited for your business, it is important to discuss each of them individually.

As the name suggests, Shared Web Hosting allows majority of small users to share the same shared server to upload their multiple websites.  All websites in shared web hosting have the same operating system. It is widely preferred by beginners, individuals, and small business houses because they have less requirement of bandwidth and disk space.  The main reasons why small internet business or for a personal website choose shared web hosting  because it has affordable rates, no maintenance cost and fast set-up.  However, it has flipside as well like security issues, limited resources and it is not suitable for large data ecommerce sites.

As far as Dedicated Web Hosting is concerned, it is more reliable and secure than shared web hosting.  Here, each website is allocated a dedicated web server that no other site can share in any way.  In dedicated web hosting one need not have to worry that the server will be overloaded with the excess number of websites being hosted on one server. In addition, it allows customers to customize their hosting experience.  It is an excellent option for business websites as it ensures highest level of performance and security. However, dedicated web hosting is very expensive to afford and for individuals and small businesses it is difficult to bear its expense.
At last you have VPS hosting india, which is popular between small and medium sized businesses. The best thing about VPS hosting India it offers users benefits of shared and dedicated web hosting. It provides more freedom and flexibility than dedicated servers at an affordable rate. It is very cost effective way to manage multiple websites.

After learning about all the three web hosts, it is advised that VPS Hosting India will be best suited for your business.  One of the most recommended and popular service provider is VPS hosting India which has excellent services at reasonable rates.


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