Sunday, August 7, 2011

Website Redesigning: Beginning of New era in Web Designing

Web 2.0 has come to an end; we are now slowly moving towards web 3.0. Trends and styles on the internet keep changing very fast. Change is the only constant in this universe – the proverb perfectly suits the web world.

If you have a website, you have to keep working on it. Otherwise it will go outdated and your competitors will have the advantage of being trendy. Look for companies that offer website redesign in India – if you already have a website, a redesign service provider can help you make the suitable makeover so that it looks up to the standards and modern.

You cannot own a static website any more; from search engines to users everybody love updated and fresh websites. So following features are a must for a modern website:

Blog: You will hardly come across a website that does not have blog. With a blog you can keep your readers updated, receive their comments on various issues, make important announcements, create a list of subscribers and achieve many other things. Blog is the easiest way to add fresh content to your website. Companies that provide Website Design Services India can help you install a blog. There are many professional bloggers and writers who can help you with corporate blogging as well.

Forums: A forum is a place where readers can ask questions and other readers or you can post answer. If you are providing any kind of service or support, a forum can be of immense help. Most importantly, with a forum you can keep adding user generated content to your website and make the search engines happy. Firms that offer Web Designing India can help you integrate such a board with your website.

Live Chat Support: This is another thing that can help you provide 24x7 support to your customers. If you own a web store or offer any service online, you must have a live chat system installed on your website. In case your portal does not have this feature yet, look for companies that offer Website Redesign India and get a live chat system ready.

Social Sharing Options: This is the age of social media. From facebook, twitter to Google Plus – you have to allow your readers to share the content of your website on their social circle. That will not only help you spread the words, but it will prove how trustworthy your website is. It will have a positive impact on your website’s ranking as well.


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