Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Can You Improve Google Rankings Through SEO

The search engine of Google, which is, uses a variety of methods to determine, which pages are displayed first in the results. By following some effective SEO strategies you can greatly improve Google rankings for your website. There are SEO companies that offer services for clients to improve Google rankings for their websites. SEO Services London is one the top SEO companies in London, which provide hundred percent effective services to businesses across the city. There are few important factors that are searched by the Google search engine that include:


While cataloguing web pages, important factor that Google looks for is the density of the keywords used. It is advised that always natural phrasing should be used and repetition of same word over and again should be strictly avoided, which would ultimately lead to making the text “invisible”. The opening paragraph that appears in your website should be framed very strongly with valid information as Google definitely looks for the keywords in the first two hundred words in a website.

Keyword Phrases:

It is advisable to always add few extra words and stress upon making keyword phrases rather than focusing on a single word. You can make this process more effective and get different perspectives by thinking that what you would have typed as keywords while searching for information for your own website. It is always useful by sticking to one subject per page.

Link Building:

One mantra that should be kept in mind is to link often and link early. Hyperlink is something that Google looks as one of the biggest factors. Both to and fro links of your website is looked into by Google, so it is advisable that the links are used within the web pages, which is a way of emphasizing the keywords. Exchanging text links with other relevant websites can improve your website’s page rank.

Site Mapping:

Inclusion of sitemap file for the search engine is one another vital SEO tip that can improve your Google ranking. The best location for your sitemap.xml is the root of any website, which is the place that search engine spiders typically look for. Creation of an HTML version of your sitemap for the website users helps a lot. You can put it at your domain.ext/site_map/ and include the same content you have in the XML version. The sitemap should be submitted to Google using the webmaster tools.

Some other factors that can improve Google rankings through SEO include:
  • Effective Heading and Title for you webpage
  • Usage of natural language in the webpage content
  • Make the optimum use of the title tags
  • Use “alt” tags for site images
  • Social Networking for better SEO benefits
  • Usage of statically types URLs
There are various companies offering SEO Services UK to the clients. These companies offer professional services that help the websites improving Google rankings and effectively improve their business. The H2 COMPANY, Laguda Web Marketing, are some of the SEO UK companies that are into the business of search engine optimization.

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