Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is White Hat and Black Hat SEO Services?

Whenever it comes to any trade or business there are always certain practices that are followed by the people, depending upon the individuals whether they resort to genuine business practices or illegal one. Similarly when it comes to SEO practices there are two different terms that are used to differentiate between the kinds of practices that they indulge in. first White Hat SEO and second Black Hat SEO.

First let us begin by understanding these terms one by one. A white hat SEO technique is all about following genuine practices or guidelines that are furnished by an authority. It is also about ensuring that genuine content is displayed on the search engine indexes as well as for the user who seeks to search for the relative content just like the practices followed by SEO UK. Their technique involves or rather focuses upon furnishing meaningful content creation, targeting relevant keywords, making the search engine user-friendly etc. In addition to all this SEO Services UK indulge in link building and its popularity along with book-marking and blogging.

Now after knowing about white hat and the ethical means followed by a reputed SEO company like SEO Services London lets move on to knowing about Black Hat SEO. As the name suggests it is all about indulging in malpractices and manipulating search engine for furnishing the desired results within a span of few days to weeks even though such effect is not long lasting but still this is an illegal path towards achieving it. On a more clear note a Black hat SEO engages in deceptive means for improving or enhancing rankings which are not recommended by search engines. These practices may involve utilizing the most basic technique of hidden text or a text that is of the same color as the background for example inserting white text on a white background. Also this might involve navigation issues like navigating the user to another page other than what is desired. Some common means adopted by Black Hat involves spamdexing, link harvesting and keyword stuffing. Also cloaking is yet another popular technique in which a different page result is displayed when a user requests a page or another page is displayed by a search engine.

After thoroughly learning about the difference between black hat and white hat SEO techniques it is important to know the after effects of indulging malpractices employed by black hat. It is a serious offence taken by the search engines and so these kind of activities that fall under illegal practices will have the website penalized which may result in reduced rakings or total elimination from the listings of database. This can be either done by automated process or manual review of the website. So, in order to be on safer side one needs to find a reputed SEO company like SEO UK for genuine rankings, following legal means and giving their best by putting in the right amount of hard work while maintaining integrity.

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